Friday, March 11, 2011

"Era of exploration of the beginning of 1404," talk about my own experience

In advance that I play is easy, do not fight, the pirates are off, and I think this fight are not the focus of the game.

The first point is that the house must be manually upgraded, the residents demands are not met, is less than a few cents tax revenue, the computer automatically upgrade ten thousand noisy are going up, the population explosion, demand satisfied, the fiscal deficit will come soon , and as long as you have materials to meet the conditions, the computer will help you rise, sometimes material shortage, want to build a building when a very nasty

One person ask for much, satiate, can, and can be mass produced, and does not spend money on two wood, start making a few more cut wood, made a fierce farmers, let them eat , tax revenue to maintain fiscal balance point, two people are the main source of income, at least in the early stage is the case, they need little more than more than one tax lot.

At the beginning of multi-Qiang Depan, grab a wooden island as long as 2 2 tool, it seems, sent a boat out onto 20 wooden tools to grab like 20, and key resources to grab, such as silk dye on a island (made carpet), herbs in an island of wheat (made beer), a piece of clay with quartz in the island (making mosaics), these are important strategic resources, first to occupy, and so have free wood tools to build more warehouses to occupy the beach all, the enemy can not come up with you Qiangde Pan.

Not upgrade the house when the tax transferred to happy, to be more than the default of a lot of money, time to upgrade to a level, like the first one were transferred to green taxes, and then all rise up, rise to your consumables can withstand the current number of people put a tax transferred to happy, then two were transferred to the green tax rate, so that they are fully occupied, and then transferred back to happy, not with a few levels up, a few level with the green tax rate, you certainly can not bear the financial early.

Rose to a noble end, he will gradually out of the new requirements, once the new requirements, do not up again, because the new requirements to meet before he would never be happy, even if you upgrade the house, nor some people stay, it took three people when the tax rate transferred happy, then something needs to build noble, and so have enough consumables, re-opened to upgrade.

Upgrade time to ensure that sufficient materials, wood, tools, stone, glass, etc., if not, save enough of the up again, while other materials while upgrading both the waste of time and revenue.

Trade, the principle is not to sell raw materials, only sell the final product, compared to the money that started the construction of the main island to be careful when the house layout, production facilities that can be put on lightly, because to the back of these production facilities are to be removed to the house where Teng, and eventually produce the outer islands, in addition to fish, because fish do not grab land with a house, building site would Jingui the outer islands, so try to manually work the land, the provincial areas. Finished products shipped back to the main island of the ship, go neutral island stroll, the excess of goods sold, so ruthless to the money, do not waste productivity. Also earn honor.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who cuts should be cut? Old staff or new staff?

Practice in many layoffs, how to determine a reasonable standard of job cuts and open communication with employees to maximize the decrease of the negative effects of layoffs has a pivotal role.
聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 銆?br />Whether the company employed a staff in the final analysis is based on the staff can determine the value for the company, the reduction of an employee and because he expected the value to the company is relatively small. But the staff's performance in previous years and his contribution to the future size of the company are not equivalent between. In other words, a good employee performance last year does not necessarily explain his ability to good, but does not mean he can adapt to future corporate strategy and culture and the produce can contribute to.

Changing perspective

So how can we determine the relative round of job cuts and reasonable standard? Let us look at a different angle. Of the company, made the decision to cut or retained in order to better play to the best use of human resources, including the play to the maximum value of individual employees and the entire staff team integration effect. Therefore, we can focus from the original "What people should lay off" to "The future and what kind of talent," up, determine what kind of staff that we want to maintain, the concrete can be judged from three perspectives: performance, capacity and personnel differences.

Point one: the past performance of employees

Although the above mentioned employee performance standards as the only layoffs are inappropriate, but after all examination results are still considered an important point of view of employees, especially in a systematic manner the work of the Division performance appraisal. In the use of past performance evaluation results to determine the possible future performance of employees, the need to focus on two points:

(1) the stability of performance. Those highs and lows of the assessment scores is likely to be affected by the causal factors of great influence, or explain the employee's work status is not stable enough. Thus, in conditions as far as reference years or more of the performance assessment.

(2) performance goals and action program implementation efforts. Unless it is unified performance goals, or performance management system in terms of how to design scientific and rigorous, Du Nanyibimian between different departments and job goals to achieve ease of differences, not simply Genju assessment scores Qu Shibiezhenzheng Gao performance of employees. High-performance employees striking feature is the ability to set performance goals under the reasonable course of action, strict enforcement and higher full communication plan and determine action based on the actual situation of the need for adjustments, if necessary adjustments are carried out with a new higher level round of planning, implementation, review cycle. Therefore, managers in assessing whether the high-performance junior staff employees, but also should pay attention to his / her efforts and timely implementation of the plan to correct deviations of the reaction rate, the specific period from the regular performance appraisal interview records to obtain the relevant information. In other words, pay more attention to staff in the process of dynamic performance, not as the end result figure.

Point 2: staff capacity and future business needs match

In human capital increasingly important market for the competitive environment, the establishment of a business development capacity with matching talent is very important. In short, that is, according to corporate strategy and business development needs of the Zongti determine the capacity needs of personnel (to the company what the most important skills, such as: learning and innovation capacity, or is the customer Guanxi ability to establish and Wei Hu and so on, depending on strategic positioning of different companies) and the ability to post series of specific requirements (for example: Project Manager jobs on the required project management capacity, and identification with, or close to capacity with such persons, on the right position, and make ongoing training and development. If the work in the layoffs are shown below:

Identification with the future status based on capacity needs of the staff needs the ability to manage a good foundation and a more ample time to prepare more suitable for optimization or to active implementation of Liu Cheng Ye Wu gradual change positions and Ren Yuan Er Shi structural Tiaozhengchengwei to the company. For these companies due to layoffs caused by the structural adjustment has ample time to prepare and manage the needs of more detailed, but also provides an opportunity to better manage change. For those of economic and market pressures forced layoffs in the company, most do not prepare for a long time to consider the matter and stressed that "cut the Gordian knot." Thus, only has established a competency model for the daily management of the company can better perspective from the ability to retain staff reductions or judgments.

Point 3: to maintain the difference of the future workforce

Utility maximization of human resources staff ultimately care about is creating a whole benefits, so lay off the list in the formulation of appropriate attention should be preserved if there is sufficient staff to ensure the diversity of the overall team dynamic and efficient. In general, most companies often focus on in addition to working background, age, knowledge structure, it can also be considered from two aspects of the diversity of staff development:

(1) according to their individual decisions, often in the role of the team. The team often needs to work in the form of companies, employees of the team work ability is important, but if the remaining employees are Shuyu team leadership talents, while the team is also very difficult to be successful, because a successful team needs a different role . According to meredith
belbin PhD research, a successful team usually has the following roles exist: the perpetrators, the Chairman / coordinator, shaper, growers, compatible with those resources, monitoring and evaluation by team collaborators, mopping, etc.. In the team (especially the team size is large enough) as to what the role is usually caused by certain employees of acquired character traits and training decisions, therefore, in determining when the remaining staff, to consider which employees can take the team of that, or what role, if a temporary lack of a role, which employees to train for those who could be the role of temporary absence.

(2) According to the career development of staff to locate a company there are always different types of employees, according to 鎵橀┈鏂痉鏈?(thomas j.delong) and 缁村凹濉旂淮鏉?Yalajiafan (vinneta vijayaraghavan) study, employees can be divided into a, b, c angle: the former is like the big stars on stage, usually the company's "star employees", the ambitious and the capacity for excellence, is to obtain rapid promotion of a corner, they constitute the top 10 staff %; which is struggling to keep their jobs and the c angle, form the lowest level of 10%; and most are in the middle of the b angle, they "will never get the most of the income or gain the greatest customers, but is unlikely to make the company into an awkward position or eliminated. " b angle of the formation may be due to "unwilling to arouse the attention of others", "attaches great importance to work-life balance" or "the limits or lack of entrepreneurial spirit and be where the generation," and other reasons, but their role is not ignore - "because they are always subjective to stay there stable, objectively by the outside world than little power within the lure or the impact of the change, have gone through many changes and considerable poise, a time of economic hardship ''ballast'', the fastest time to adapt and re-establish confidence in the people who help, and in the management of new and old transition process played an important role in the balance. "

As a company leader, in determining the makeup of the future, other than to try to retain proven talent, full of momentum but more likely a loss of or into the extreme angle, but also the need to retain a significant proportion of the b angle to keep the team stable and loyal and sustainability, create a check and balance each other, mutually reinforcing dynamic equilibrium. Large-scale layoffs, retaining only if the team had a good angle, it is conceivable that in the next days, the team's Zhengti combat Hui Yin 鑰?greatly reduced internal friction will eventually be a short-term there may be Bucuo show, but the long years look very unstable team.

Above proposed cuts should be considered in three dimensions, if the results of the three conflicts, should be mainly the result of capacity analysis, performance second, and finally staff diversity. Thus, the ability to establish a reasonable quality of models, the ability to carry out good management is very important for business, not only to achieve rapid development of energy on the recruitment, training, staff support for the development assessment role in business transformation, strategic retreat phases are also able to re-staff a reasonable play a decisive role.


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The "job" into a "job search" strategy

"In addition to standing on top of the pyramid outside the high-end professional managers, most people have to face the workplace, are a 'buyer's market' as the leading job market environment. In this environment, to find a job particularly agreeable good job, must pass a number of strategies to seek this kind of "scarce resources'. "Dou Ji told reporters. Job seekers with the job of one word, different? Sinus Kyrgyzstan that" seeking "the key is to actively" seek ", as far as possible," I chose to work ", not" choose me to work, " make a "proactive" rather than "passive person." The most important of which is fully prepared to avoid the ever-changing workplace in the market blindly led by the nose. It is often said, "Brothers do not mistake chopped wood workers ", not identify the goals and direction of the rush to sell themselves out, it will struggle to find the job very easy experience." job seekers "is the emphasis on finding the best solution before looking for work, before making action. opportunities remain for those who have prepared. Dou Ji that the job into a job search, strategy includes two aspects:

1, based on the present, ready to work.

Key: development of a self-packing plan

Many job seekers have had experience, the interviewer during the interview process and ultimately, a number of routine questions: Can you briefly introduce yourself? Why do our candidates? How much you know about our company? Talk about your views on certain positions and so on. To answer these questions calmly, looking for work to be fully prepared before the work, it is best to seek employment for a specific goal of developing a self-packing plan.

Two proposals

First, homework done enough as far as possible, the objectives of the familiar job in mind. Applicant company should, industry, job candidates fully understand, including inquiries related information, if necessary also to do some paperwork.

Second, the process of effective display in the candidates and their individual strengths. Work in understanding the job content and relevant information

After combining their professional background, professional experience and who have a targeted search for candidates of their favorable conditions to show themselves. Materials sent to the employer's resume and interview presentation should be aimed at the needs of employers and jobs, never the easy way to get what fits.

2, a long-term, good career planning.

Key: a comprehensive analysis of their own "little job environment"

Jobs are not short-term behavior, but rather is based on the personal development action plan for career development. For easy "job seekers", we must make long-term planning, the Institute a comprehensive analysis of their "job small environment."

Five points

First, understand and analyze their own values.

Combination of professional background, qualifications, experience, age, are engaged in line when the competitive situation in the workplace, etc., to analyze their current value, which is to establish long-term development of personal direction and goals. In an objective understanding and analysis of its value after the in-depth consideration to the work of their match with the extent of the work will be whether the candidates can reflect and develop their own core values.

Second, analysis of the development trend of economic environment.

Changes in economic environment will soon directly affect the personal development of small environment. For example, in the process of industrial restructuring, some industry gradually declined and even eliminated, while new industries are pregnant with more opportunities; labor-intensive, high value-added enterprises gradually take the alternative enterprise brand line; industry hot and cold at any time change and so on. So to be able to timely sense changes in economic environment, particularly the analysis of your industry or related industry development trend, and thus to adjust its development, looking for opportunities in change, while avoiding disadvantages.

Third, analysis of geographical development opportunities for positioning.

Human development are inseparable from each geographical environment, personal development if the region can combine economic development position, was able to find more opportunities. For example, you want to engage in the financial industry professionals can find more opportunities in Shanghai, while a possible oil exploration experts to develop more favorable Midwest.

The fourth is concerned about work-related external knowledge.

HR, a real estate company to work not only to understand the HR professional knowledge, but also knowing the development of his enterprise, business. If it is to real estate sales company, you must understand the marketing aspects of business knowledge. With not enough, but also understand the real estate industry developments, large national macro-control policies, procedures and so little to bank loans. If one day you go to candidates, a real estate company HR, then HR is not associated with these seemingly real estate expertise and marketing expertise will come in handy. External knowledge is the work in the usual built up a little, as preparation for a successful job search.

Fifth, professional knowledge and understanding of the relevant posts.

The workplace more and more sophisticated division of labor, everyone is a screw, the work is often only a small part of the workflow, the more need in the work of other team members, colleagues, communication and collaboration. Therefore, in the usual attention to the relevant post in the work of professional knowledge, especially those who collaborate with the working relationship between occurrence of post related knowledge is more important on the job search.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Open-source framework for thinking about [3]

Not for the best but to apply

Developers are often a perfectionist, picky, with a strong paranoid tendencies. Yes, paranoia is a characteristic of good programmers, nowadays, "only the paranoid survive" is also big selling Hot, Rod Johnson, Gavin King, Oberg are also paranoid.

But there is progress in the duration of the pressure, we had to achieve a compromise. For companies, profits are always the first one, no matter what with no frame or framework, as long as the quality and quantity on schedule to complete all of the features users demand, is the best project. Customers never see, nor do they care what you use the best technology and framework.

Therefore, the actual development, we may often need to compromise in these impulses, as long as the current framework to meet the demand, we do not have to rush to recover the same as the fashion industry fashion, all does not demand the best, but to apply.

If Spring Template JDBC has been very good to meet the current demand, it does not necessarily need the Hibernate, if they develop a brief list controls work well, it does not convert ExtremeTable. Cost of the new framework of learning needs, but the price effect to play before the actual value is not positive. What may seem simple and old obsolete technology that can make a powerful system, such as the world's largest java project - Brazil national health care system is built on top of JSP + JavaBean + Servlet.

Focus on building a platform

We often find themselves without any accumulation of software companies, fully integrated framework hopes to solve all these problems. Are open source frameworks to solve common problems in one area, in which each company because of its industry, service users different, requiring the company to have their own solution, a common framework and the company's individual needs are conflicting of.

Software companies should strengthen their own accumulation, based on the framework in these structures better suited to their own Xuqiu the rapid development platform, shielding out the underlying framework Fuza features and minutiae, lower right development of skilled workers, so that staff can quickly participate in the Xin Xiang Mu in, without the need for an open-source framework for learning.

Although this accumulation and platform construction will cost an additional workload, but first it is a gradual process, then this task is only two or three technique by the outstanding technical staff commitment, the benefits of a direct reduction of other development use by degree of difficulty and technical requirements, certain procedures to avoid the open-source framework for the instability caused by impact.

4 Summary

A rich source of prosperity of the framework, a strong promotion of the industry's development, and we have seen, this prosperity has brought a surprise behind the eyes followed by Zhao Xu Duo confused, lost in the chaos of prosperity among the Kai Fa had hoped out of the confusion out of the puzzle.

How in the noisy bustle of the open source world to grasp the direction of seeking a breakthrough, whether developers or software companies for decision-makers are worth thinking deeply.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 tips to help you pass the interview off

Activities in the job interview process, for job seekers, the pressure can be said to be the biggest stage, because the success in reaching office, thanks to this add the finishing touches.

So, you want to interview a leader of victory if only precaution necessary to have a multiplier opportunities.

1. The matter should be prepared before the interview

Corporation Overview: head office, size, etc. A summary of activities in the world there are roughly of the best understanding in advance if you can not get written information, but also to the industry from the company or to get information.

Activities in the country: including head office set up branches in China of the time, the performance of the domestic performance, scale, and intended to promote the future of business, etc., if the evaluation of the trade better!

Attitude: from the call asked, the company began assessing the performance of job-seekers, therefore, a good attitude is expected to ask people to leave a better impression.

Overall shape: no different from other companies and candidates, men not so fancy neckties, women with flexible package is appropriate.

2. Self-introduction will stress the candidate's motivation and want to apply for the post of species, coupled with some simple description of the personal side, as simple self-introduction. Personal narrative of birth, educational background and work experience, etc., it appears somewhat redundant.

Best to collect relevant information before the interview, self-introduction to a well-thought relevant themes, and master a few specific points such as: personal connections, interests, etc., will be of help each other understand their content.

3. Work experience in a job description from the recent talk about the main content of the best and apply for work-related, of the most beneficial experience new job duties. Can best explain what has held positions, the actual results, performance, as well as his work on the impact of the original company, and the candidates who are not related to the content, be sure to avoid referring to.

4. Highlighting relevant qualifications and professional competence or professional license examination data and apply the best positions are directly related to not only prove their efforts in this area, also said that with this potential. Description can be targeted to show the past performance of individual professional competence. Their ability to understand the following can be eloquent in the interview.

5. Articulate candidates motives: "I feel your great potential," "conscious and your company's style is very consistent," Deng Jun too general lack of use, should be put forward practical and concrete company's development potential and where individuals enjoy the company style , beautiful but self-defeating vague adjectives to express their work ethic is the best policy.

6. Individuals willing to work: a foreign company during the interviews will likely be fully informed of the details associated with the work, and from questions about a candidate's work attitude, therefore, to fully express their willingness to work is very important.

7. Salary issues: foreign and mostly adopt a system of annual salary and performance bonus system, in addition to understanding the contents of the actual salary, including performance bonus structure can also ask clearly.

8. And the immediate supervisor interviews: interviews with foreign companies usually make immediate supervisor participation, job seekers can work for a more detailed understanding of the content and grasp the opportunity to interact with them.

9. The reasons for the resignation of the case against a company to do the actual original statement, but the personal part of the required objective, careful handling that instead of the original company to make a negative evaluation, it is better that "think of this as your working environment "the more positive reasons to express personal work in good faith.

10. To answer current issues: some foreign companies may ask for certain business candidate topical issues, not just want to know the candidate's knowledge on current issues, and to analyze the candidate's views and ideas, not only on the face of such problems current events to do some explaining, preferably in the conclusions with their views.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

CPU chip with independent intellectual property rights through the acceptance of Godson 2E

Yesterday, the ICT projects undertaken by 863 "Godson-2 processor chip design of enhanced" (Godson 2E) through "15", 863 information technology expert group acceptance. Science and Technology Minister Xu Guanhua said at the meeting in the acceptance, the success of the project, shows that China has taken a key step in the information field, and he stressed that the development of high technology and industrial development must be closely integrated.

Godson 2E2005 project started in May, March 17, 2006 get the Godson 2E chip parallel transfer success, May 23 863 expert group organized by the test.

In a live demonstration, the prototype uses 64-bit Godson-2E Linux operating system, can smooth running Mozilla browser, OpenOffice office suite, Mplayer media player and other streaming applications, and can properly support Chinese input and display. Group believes that the chip is used in mainland China the first 90-nanometer processor design, the maximum speeds up to 1.0GHz, the peak computing speed of 4.0 billion times per second, double-precision floating-point operations, has been in the single-processor design reached the international advanced level, is the CPU chip with independent intellectual property rights.

Xu said, the 863 program started 20 years ago, China played a key role high-technology development. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, China will further promote the development of high technology and industrialization, where two levels. First of all, 863 major projects, key projects on the basis of a breakthrough good demonstration of the transformation of traditional industries, to contribute to the formation of new industries; In addition, some aspects of technical reserves for the shortage, the state has given great attention encourage experts to explore the establishment of objectives for more. We have also established a "special study" in the hope of young people by supporting innovative ideas, cultivate a group of young scientists, the scientific development of China's future to make the necessary reserves.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Zhongguancun distribution company, disappeared off a 1 million yuan of goods

June 21, Zhongguancun Technology & Trade City, a digital camera, electronics distribution company boss suddenly disappeared, a dozen businesses in Zhongguancun changing products with a total loss of nearly 100 million digital cameras, traders believe the company's boss In the malicious fraud. Close in January, the Zhongguancun IT mall three similar incidents have occurred in 5 cases, tenants are anxious at the same time that the market order has been destroyed.

Distribution company coming for a while

And suddenly this company called Beijing Peng Wei Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd. (Peng Wei Zhong Tian), the company's Electronic City 2112 Room & Trade Office, the legal representative for the 23-year-old man Hao Yunpeng Inner Mongolia nationality. In addition to the company, the Hao and another company called Roc entrepreneurial technology companies, both companies engaged in Zhongguancun and online distribution of digital camera business. Technology & Trade E-City in the same floor, Weiwei Zhai Hao's wife also founded a company called the North line of the advertising companies.

According to the North line of a staff yesterday introduced the morning of June 21, Haoyun Peng and Weiwei Zhai no duty to the company, "We are working to find the hard drives of all computers have been removed." The employee said they followed to the boss call, but all phones are off the computer. "We ran the first reaction is the boss." Employees open the cargo library view, and found that Curry value of more than 30 million digital cameras all but disappeared. Several employees in the evening arrived Haoyun Peng Zhuang, Haidian on rental places and found that Hao has been Surrender to leave.

"We had heard that there are strings arrive in Zhongguancun run things, did not expect this to happen to the body of the." Employees say, the boss evaporation, also owes the company 14 months of wages of ordinary workers.

Bad check received more than ten business

At the same time, Zhongguancun business of digital products more than 10 businesses have also been found, Hao Yunpeng checks paid hundreds of thousands of empty promises are not honored, the largest loss of as much as about 180 thousand yuan.

"These checks account without a penny, there are more than 20 million check, or Hao Yunpeng using his false name of a friend." Businesses Akashi said he was swept away more than 80,000, "the company almost a year profits this year as White did. "

Mr. Sun describes damage to businesses, entrepreneurs, and Peng Wei Dapeng transit companies mainly engaged in Kodak, Ricoh and Olympus brand digital cameras 3 distribution are getting goods from the hands of other dealers, then send goods to dealers across the country. Hao disappeared, many foreign customers called saying they had the money remitted, but did not receive Hao delivery.

Mr. Sun said, Hao Yunpeng only the money owed close to 1 million businesses in Zhongguancun, not counting the loss of foreign customers. Hao traders believe completely in the fraud.

Damage to businesses that operate order

"Traditionally, we used 3 days after delivery, usually to the settlement payment within 1 week. Now that we have this, not as before, and only the current node is now shipping." Akashi said business, but This also affected the number of shipments, "the profit of 3 percent less than usual. but not any other way." traders who believe that their order of operation also suffered.

Top Electronics Mall Li Zhong Jin, director of operations said in an interview yesterday, due to mainly rely on IT products in the Zhongguancun commercial distribution channels, so the risk of changing products can not be avoided after the evaporation. "Zhongguancun took place every five or six months to two such events, shopping malls are not only reminded traders that the effect can not fundamentally solve the problem." Zhong Jin said.

The current business we have started legal action to resolve the matter.

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