Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Open-source framework for thinking about [3]

Not for the best but to apply

Developers are often a perfectionist, picky, with a strong paranoid tendencies. Yes, paranoia is a characteristic of good programmers, nowadays, "only the paranoid survive" is also big selling Hot, Rod Johnson, Gavin King, Oberg are also paranoid.

But there is progress in the duration of the pressure, we had to achieve a compromise. For companies, profits are always the first one, no matter what with no frame or framework, as long as the quality and quantity on schedule to complete all of the features users demand, is the best project. Customers never see, nor do they care what you use the best technology and framework.

Therefore, the actual development, we may often need to compromise in these impulses, as long as the current framework to meet the demand, we do not have to rush to recover the same as the fashion industry fashion, all does not demand the best, but to apply.

If Spring Template JDBC has been very good to meet the current demand, it does not necessarily need the Hibernate, if they develop a brief list controls work well, it does not convert ExtremeTable. Cost of the new framework of learning needs, but the price effect to play before the actual value is not positive. What may seem simple and old obsolete technology that can make a powerful system, such as the world's largest java project - Brazil national health care system is built on top of JSP + JavaBean + Servlet.

Focus on building a platform

We often find themselves without any accumulation of software companies, fully integrated framework hopes to solve all these problems. Are open source frameworks to solve common problems in one area, in which each company because of its industry, service users different, requiring the company to have their own solution, a common framework and the company's individual needs are conflicting of.

Software companies should strengthen their own accumulation, based on the framework in these structures better suited to their own Xuqiu the rapid development platform, shielding out the underlying framework Fuza features and minutiae, lower right development of skilled workers, so that staff can quickly participate in the Xin Xiang Mu in, without the need for an open-source framework for learning.

Although this accumulation and platform construction will cost an additional workload, but first it is a gradual process, then this task is only two or three technique by the outstanding technical staff commitment, the benefits of a direct reduction of other development use by degree of difficulty and technical requirements, certain procedures to avoid the open-source framework for the instability caused by impact.

4 Summary

A rich source of prosperity of the framework, a strong promotion of the industry's development, and we have seen, this prosperity has brought a surprise behind the eyes followed by Zhao Xu Duo confused, lost in the chaos of prosperity among the Kai Fa had hoped out of the confusion out of the puzzle.

How in the noisy bustle of the open source world to grasp the direction of seeking a breakthrough, whether developers or software companies for decision-makers are worth thinking deeply.

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